Date: 2017 - Present    Placements made: 102 Project Value: £230 Million


Disciplines Supplied:

- Assistant Surveyor  - Community Liaison Officer - Design Manager - Electrical Assurance Engineer
- MEP Inspector - Package Manager - QA Engineer - Senior Piling Engineer


The Elizabeth line Bond Street Station will help improve accessibility and increase capacity at one of the busiest shopping districts in the UK to accommodate over 225,000 people using the Jubilee, Central and Elizabeth lines daily.

Two brand new ticket halls at street level – one at Davies Street, the other at Hanover Square - flooded with natural light, lead passengers to the platforms.

Entrances bordered by colonnades – red sandstone and bronze for Davies Street, pale Portland stone for Hanover Square – blur the line between interior and exterior spaces creating a great sense of openness and civic presence, a feature which is further reinforced by the high ceilings at each location.