Date: 2013 - 2015         Placements made: 49 Project Value: £230 Million


Disciplines Supplied:

- 3D CAD Engineer - Contract Administrator - Engineer - General Foreman
- Senior Site Engineer - Permits Engineer - Site Agent - Sub Agent


The Lewisham Town Centre redevelopment included a variety of works including the removal of the Lewisham Railway roundabout, replacing this with a new road layout that offered better pedestrian access to the Stations & Town Centre. 

The first phase was to redevelop the land close to the DLR Station that was previously the site of the bus stand, this then became the location for the projects buildings and landscaped park area. The relocation of the bus stand to a new purpose-built facility on Thurston Road and changes to the stretch of station road to a two-way road have also made way for a new taxi rank.