Project Manager

South West

Overview: We are seeking an experienced Project Manager with expertise in geotechnical engineering, ground stabilization, drainage, and ecology for our operations in the Exeter area. The successful candidate will play a key role in managing projects that involve complex environmental considerations, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and delivering sustainable solutions. If you are a motivated professional with a passion for environmental stewardship and a track record of successful project management, we encourage you to apply.


  1. Project Planning and Execution:

    • Develop and execute project plans for geotechnical, ground stabilization, drainage, and ecology projects, ensuring alignment with client requirements and regulatory standards.
    • Coordinate with internal teams, subcontractors, and stakeholders to allocate resources, manage schedules, and monitor progress.
    • Implement effective quality control measures to ensure deliverables meet established standards.
  2. Geotechnical Engineering:

    • Conduct site investigations and geotechnical assessments to identify ground conditions, risks, and constraints.
    • Design and implement ground stabilization measures, such as retaining structures, slope stability enhancements, and soil improvement techniques.
    • Provide technical guidance on geotechnical aspects of project design and construction activities.
  3. Drainage Management:

    • Design and implement sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to manage surface water runoff and mitigate flood risk.
    • Conduct hydrological and hydraulic assessments to optimize drainage solutions and comply with regulatory requirements.
    • Coordinate with environmental agencies and local authorities to obtain necessary permits and approvals.
  4. Ecology and Environmental Compliance:

    • Assess ecological impacts of project activities and develop mitigation measures to protect sensitive habitats and species.
    • Conduct ecological surveys, including habitat assessments, protected species surveys, and ecological impact assessments.
    • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations, permits, and planning permissions throughout project lifecycle.
  5. Stakeholder Engagement and Communication:

    • Serve as the primary point of contact for clients, regulatory agencies, and other project stakeholders, providing regular updates on project status and addressing concerns.
    • Facilitate stakeholder consultations and community engagement activities to promote transparency and gather feedback.
    • Prepare and deliver presentations, reports, and documentation as required.


  • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Ecology, or related field.
  • Proven experience (5 years) as a Project Manager in geotechnical engineering, ground stabilization, drainage, and ecology projects.
  • Strong technical knowledge and proficiency in relevant software tools and analysis methods.
  • Familiarity with environmental regulations, codes of practice, and industry standards.
  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to lead multidisciplinary teams and manage project budgets and timelines effectively.
  • Professional certifications (e.g., CEng, Chartership in relevant discipline) are desirable but not essential.

Join our dynamic team and contribute to the delivery of environmentally sustainable projects in the beautiful region of Exeter. If you are passionate about making a positive impact through your work and possess the requisite skills and experience, we invite you to apply for this rewarding opportunity. Apply now and be part of our mission to create a better, greener future.