Quality Manager

We are looking for an experienced Quality Manager to work on a major sub station project in Cumbria.
Role Overview
Responsible for initiating and leading tasks and processes, taking responsibility and being accountable, where relevant, for the work and roles of others whilst exercising broad autonomy and judgement within broad parameters in their area of responsibility.  Specialist learning and involves detailed analysis of a high level of information and knowledge in an area of work or study
Role Requirements
  • Ensure the works are carried out in compliance with required quality standards, and that the project quality objectives and targets are met
  • To develop, maintain and drive quality management procedures and process
  • Management of process to demonstrate self-certification, including provision of all supporting evidence
  • Plan and deliver assurance requirements, in a timely manner for testing and commissioning and handover. 
  • Provide support and mentor less experienced members of the project team
  • Manage Quality Team
Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Understand and implement both company and Client quality management systems.
  • Prepare Quality Plan to meet requirements of both quality systems and review and revise as necessary, for each phase of the project.
  • Communicate requirements to project team.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for the client on quality issues.
  • Establish Project Quality Objectives and KPIs.
  • Establish a system of Quality Control on the project and to manage that system at all levels. This includes establishing handover structure from the outset of the project and measuring progress.
  • Prepare a list of Management System Documentation applicable to the project and keep this up to date as the project progresses.
  • Advise on the preparation of other project documents, such as Project Environmental Management Plan, Project Health & Safety.
  • Management Plan, Project Cost Plan, Project Risk Management Plan, etc, and to ensure these documents are prepared by appropriate members of the project team for each phase of the project and reviewed and revised as necessary.
  • Carry out quality system audits on all suppliers, including design consultants.
  • Review and assess Quality documentation submitted for acceptance by both the Taylor Woodrow project team and suppliers.
  • Develop project quality training programme and ensure project personnel receive appropriate training.
  • Advise the project team on use of the company’s intranet-based Management System.
  • Write any project-specific procedures necessary to undertake the work, and advise the project team on their use.
  • Compile monthly reports for both Client and Taylor Woodrow.
  • Record non-conformances, assess and implement both corrections and corrective actions.
  • Understand what BIM is, the contextual requirement for BIM Level 2 and its connection to the Government Construction Strategy and Industrial Strategy 2025.