Senior Consents & Engagement Manager

£52,000 - £55,000 + package

Our client is delivering the main works for HS2.

They require a Consents & Engagement Manager to join their team on a permanent basis.

Based in Euston as part of Area East Consents & Engagement management team, the Senior Consents & Engagement Manager will report into the Area East Consents & Engagement Lead.

You will oversee a small team of engagement specialists to deliver an inclusive engagement programme designed to involve and inform our local community and stakeholders about our works in the approaches into Euston Station (Hampstead Road to London Zoo car park). We are not building the station.

You will work closely with your peer Senior Consents & Engagement Manager to achieve our objectives, which are to

  • achieve consents in time to start works and ensure all works comply with agreed consents and commitments
  • genuinely involve and inform stakeholders and community as we design and construct our works
  • help locals cope with our works and leave a positive legacy.

As part of the Consents & Engagement area management team, the Senior Consents & Engagement Manager is responsible for delivering high-quality, consistent and accurate engagement and communications to a range of stakeholders through a variety of channels.

With a complete understanding of our works, stakeholders, programme, and our obligations under the HS2 Act and the main works civils contract, the Senior Consents & Engagement Manager will plan well in advance, lead on reporting and internal business operations as well as provide advice and support to the broader team to ensure we manage risk and meet our objectives.

An important part of your role will be to monitor and report on the effectiveness of our engagement programme, seeking feedback from our stakeholders and community members for use in improving, adapting and planning our engagement approach.

You will also work closely with their core services Consents & Engagement team, who develop and implement strategy and processes for wide matters as well as provide support and guidance to the area Consents & Engagement teams. You will represent Area East at various client, partner and external forums, and you will ensure we are proactively managing the organisation’s and client’s reputation within the community and helping to nurture all third party, non-technical relationships.


  • Developing, delivering, maintaining and reporting on engagement strategies, plans, communications, events and other activities
  • Overseeing and developing a team to engage effectively with local community members, charities, businesses and schools – and coordinate all engagement with the broader team
  • Enquiries and complaints management
  • Meeting our strategic key performance indicators for enquiry response times and engagement plans
  • Special projects as required such as community legacy and establishing frameworks in response to a changing project scope
  • Ensuring compliance with all commitments under the HS2 Act and main works civils contract
  • Acting as deputy for the Consents and Engagement Area Lead as required
  • Seamless working across the team to
    • inform and, where appropriate, involve all stakeholders in the planning and delivery of our consents and engagement
    • coordinate upcoming works and produce advance notification letters about the works
    • develop strategic messaging and communications targeted at key stakeholders, providing guidance and input to community engagement materials
    • meet our strategic key performance indicators and contractual and community commitments and obligations under the HS2 Act and main works civils contract

Key deliverables:

  • Engagement strategy and implementation
  • Team leadership
  • Effective enquiries and complaints process and management
  • Reporting
  • Stakeholder and community feedback mechanism
  • Input to SCS-wide deliverables
  • Compliance with project commitments
  • Budget and programme management

Required qualifications and skills:

  • Detailed understanding of high-profile infrastructure projects and/or a strong communications and engagement background in a highly regulated sector.
  • Strategic planning and management ability with demonstrated experience leading a team in the development and delivery of external engagement programmes (we will request a relevant example of an engagement strategy at interview stage).
  • Excellent written and spoken communications skills, ensuring consistency, relevance and accuracy across all channels with proven ability to ensure all team members achieve this standard (we will request a simple PowerPoint presentation and an example of a relevant, written communications piece at interview stage).
  • Excellent MS Excel skills and experience in, or ability to learn, preferred data and task management platforms such as MS Planner, Sharepoint lists and PowerBI or similar (we will request an example of an engagement-related tracker in Excel or similar)
  • Technologically competent with a minimum of advanced skills in MS Office365,

Desirable qualifications & skills:

  • Tertiary qualification in communications
  • Written communications or journalism qualification
  • Membership of relevant association