Senior Site Engineer - Bridges

£320 - £350 LTD Day

Carmichael are seeking a Senior Site Engineer with FRC experience to working on a Major infrastructure project based in Northamptonshire.


  • Good working knowledge needs to be maintained of the IFC Drawings, Specifications, Technical Standards, Inspection and Test Plans, and the Mass Haul quantities and destinations for each earthworks Asset in the section of work being undertaken
  • Ensure any defects are highlighted and reported to the Senior Engineer as soon as possible, corrective action is proposed and agreed with the Client quickly and remedial works / repairs carried out with the minimum of disruption. Ensure all other members of the team learn from the error so mistakes are not repeated
  • Assist in the production of good quality safety documentation (RAMS etc) in a timely manner to allow works to proceed and not be hindered by lack off signed off paperwork
  • Ensure Quality Assurance forms are completed for every section of work, accurately reflecting the as built construction. Ensure these are signed off by the client in a timely manner
  • Assist the Mass Haul Manager with quantities, locations, material types etc based on their greater knowledge of the day to day activities