Service Locator


Service Locator A service locator or utility locator is someone that is responsible for locating, identifying, and marking underground utilities prior the commencement of any excavation works.

Service locators are required to interpret dial before you dig plans/internal asset plans and to determine where these utilities are located, this then protects those underground utilities from damage during excavation.

Service locators will utilise multiple methods and technologies to comprehensively document and map all existing services found. Service Locator will produce a utility mapping plan of all the services found, clients will then design their works around the information found.

Locator Skills:  Experience with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) & EML  Locate underground utilities: Comms, Power , gas, water etc  Reading and understanding Dial Before You Dig plans/Internal asset plans  Ability to produce utility mapping plans

Desirable Qualifications • Dial before you Dig (DBYD) asset locator accreditation and or • Current RIICCM202D Identify, locate and protect underground services