Shift Manager

£450/shift Ltd


CarmichaelUK are working with the main contractor at an LUL station, who are looking for a Shift Manager to join their growing team for the next 6 months. This I will be shift work on a 7-2 7-2 7-3 shift pattern.

The role of the Section Engineer is to plan, provide engineering control and supervise production resources & Site Engineers, ensuring compliance with project procedures for the following defined section of the works;

The Tunnel Shift Manager is responsible for all tunnelling operations, including managing the Pit Boss and Site Engineers on the BSCU construction site. 

They are responsible for ensuring tunnelling works are carried out safely, in a coordinated manner and to the required quality standard. 

Accountabilities / Key responsibilities

  • Act as Person in Charge during the shift, ensuring all works on site are bring carried out efficiently and safely as per the RESS and relevant work plans.
  • On day shift, attend the DRM meeting and agree the RESS.
  • Arrive to St Magnus House Offices 30mins before shift briefing time to meet the shift manager, read emails/RESS/briefings, prepare check-sheets for the shift and get ready into PPE. Then attend the shift briefing at the Whole Block Site Welfare area. 
  • At the start of shift, carry out a Shift Briefing, along with the Pit Boss, to the operatives on the shift. Ensuring that all operatives are signed up to the Shift Briefing and the signature sheet is kept on file.
  • Ensure all operatives have received a project and tunnel induction. 
  • Ensure all operatives have been briefed on the RAMS and the signed signature sheet is kept on file.
  • Ensures works are undertaken in accordance with the method statement.
  • On day shift, attend the 08:30 Face Meeting/Site Inspection with DSP Engineer and LU inspector
  • Chair the Daily Coordination Meeting. Actions should be designated to the relevant supervisors and tracked on the minutes. The minutes of the meeting are to be prepared by the Shift Manager and distributed at the end of each day shift. 
  • Responsible for forecasting and ordering of materials and logistics; including timely concrete deliveries, silo deliveries and arranging muck away. 
  • Investigate all accidents, near misses and incidents on site as per the Incident Flow chart (ref DRA-8798-PRO-G-018324). The SP04-SF01 form should be completed and a Whatsapp message distributed out to the Arthur Street Whatsapp Group before the end of the shift.
  • Prepare and brief Toolbox talks as required.
  • In the event of the Trolex alarms, investigate the cause of the alarm and if an genuine alarm organise the evacuation of the tunnel and complete a role call at the Muster Point. All Trolex alarms, whether false are genuine are to be logged on the register in the office.  
  • Ensure compliance with requirements outlined in the BSCU’s environmental management plan. Carry out environmental inspections on site. When on day shift completing the Environmental Checklist once a week.
  • Brief the engineers on the required works for the shift, ensuring they understand the RESS and/or Workplans. Ensuring that they are aware of the ITP and have the relevant check-sheets to be completed. 
  • Ensuring that the engineer is completing the QA/QC check sheets as per the ITP for the works carried out during the shift. 
  • Mentoring the engineers on shift
  • Prepare a detailed shift briefing for the next shift. At the end of the shift carry out a face-to-face handover with the oncoming shift manager and pit boss. The handover must describe any issues encountered during the shift, the shift briefing detailing what works are to be carried out along with which work activities are priority.
  • Prepare and distribute a shift report at the end of each shift. The shift engineers may contribute to the shift report, but the shift manager is responsible for the accuracy of the shift report. The shift report must detail all works completed during the shift, including works carried out by subcontractors, any incidents that occurred and any issues encountered. The shift report must be reviewed and distributed to management at the end of the shift. The shift report must cover all tunnel works (SCL Primary Lining. Square-works, RC Works, Secondary Lining Works and Waterproofing Works)   
  • Liaise with the Tunnel Agent and relevant BSCU staff. Escalate any issues or suggestion that they have.
  • When acting as a Temporary Works Supervisor; inspect Temporary Works on site as per the DRA-8798-PLN-G-000189 Temporary Works Management Plan.
  • Attend Monitoring Review Panels when required
  • Be aware of the active Specific Action Plans. In the event of a trigger breach the Shift Manager is to lease with the Engineer On Call and implement the required actions (ie implement a safe stop or convene an MRP) .
  • The Shift Manager must carry the Shift Manager Phone so that they are contactable at all times when on shift. 
  • Be fully aware of the Tunnel Management Plan and follow the process described in this plan. 
  • In the event of an emergence on site, follow the DRA-8798-PLN-G-000058 Emergency Response Plan and carry out the actions described which are:
  • Undertake the role of incident co-ordinator until a more senior Dragados person or the Construction Manager arrives on the scene.
  • Notify the Construction Manager or one of the Incident Coordinators listed in Appendix 4 of all incidents.
  • Initiate any relevant Specific Action Plan associated with the works.
  • Assess the potential for affecting LU Infrastructure/Operations and notifying and liaising with the LU Incident Response Desk and LU On-Call Manager
  • Contacting the Emergency Services (for non LU incidents)
  • Organise and direct project personnel to receive emergency services.
  • Suspend work and or evacuate the work area (if necessary) to prevent the incident continuing (being repeated) and/or to allow corrective and preventative actions and/or investigations to be undertaken.
  • Commence first aid and evacuation of injured parties if required.

 Job-Specific Safe Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all the works are performed in a safe manner.
  • Co-operate with health and safety inspectors in all health and safety matters.
  • Report any near misses, hazards observed and any defects in plant or equipment.
  • Use personal protective as required by the site rules and procedures.
  • Participate in the health and tidy maintenance of the work places.
  • Collaborate with the safe storage of materials and equipment and disposal of waste.
  • Provides the Tunnel Agent with daily records and program progress information.


Experience, knowledge, qualifications & training

  • Have a good working knowledge of English, both written and verbal, and be able to report at management level.
  • Extensive soft ground tunnel experience in urban environments with a minimum 3 years site experience.
  • Comprehensive experience with a Civil Engineering Contractor on large infrastructure or tunnelling contracts.
  • A good working knowledge of the:
  • Management and Administration of Safety and Health at Mines Regulations 1993
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Construction Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1996
  • Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007
  • Management of health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and other relevant legislation
  • Educated to degree or higher level or equivalent in a numerate discipline, typically an Engineering discipline. A lower educational level, typically HNC or HND may be acceptable where a very significant level of experience in a senior technical engineering role can be demonstrated.
  • Have undertaken CITB Site Manager Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS).
  • Have demonstrable experience of leadership, building and motivating teams.
  • Experience of effective problem solving on major tunnelling projects.
  • Have excellent organisational skills and the ability to plan ahead and manage own time.
  • Computer skills – Word, Excel, Outlook, Explorer.
  • Hold Supervisory CSCS Card