Site Agent

£310 per Shift ( Ltd Company Rate)

he new position is created to replace two site agents who will leave the team due to TUPE to another organisation which would create a resource capacity shortfall within the Project Management team to deliver Works Order No. 2 for CWF.
A Job Description is available. The vacancy is supported by a business case.


Manage SRN renewal and improvement project/schemes within Highways England’s Area 4.
Management of schemes/projects (lifecycle) acting as the focal point: control take over from HE, plan, organising and oversee/technical supervision of construction works including scheme completion and hand back to HE to ensure that operations are carried out in accordance with a safe system or work, efficiently as per the construction programme and meeting all requirements in relation to quality, health & safety, cost, productivity, risk management, change management and the environment.
Ensure an integrated approach to the planning, delivery, close-out and hand-back of highways, technology, structures and other schemes/projects. The expected results are delivery of the schemes’ scope defect free/ right first time, safe and timely manner.
The desired objectives/outcomes are the delivery of schemes/projects:
• without accidents or ill health and without environmental incidents
• as programmed (NEC4 TSC Cl.31, Cl. 32, Cl.33, Cl.34) including scheme completion,
• at a lower ‘Price for Service Provided to Date’ (actual costs) than the ‘total of the Prices’ (Target Price)
• free from defects, right first time (no snagging) with a complete set of quality records on scheme completion
• in full compliance with Costain way, processes, procedures, the contract, the law
• with compliments from customer and stakeholders with no complaints
• a green or better CPF score for 1.1a (AFR), 1.1d (service strikes), 6.2f (task delivery duration), 7.1a (defect free works), 7.1c (QMP also for areas with notable influence) on every submission
• provide information to achieve a forecasting accuracy of ≤5% month on month (costs and HE Outputs) and
• the provision of required information, data and reports to Costain and the client.
Identify and implement continual improvement in the planning and delivery process.
Responsibility for profit/loss of assigned schemes.
Embrace and use of provided technology including OEM, SDP, CEMAR and others. Take on and fulfil any other related duties reasonably required to support the contract, Costain and the client.

• Implement the relevant requirements of Costain’s Health, Safety and Environmental policies, procedures and guidance/tools (Costain Way) as well as the HASEMP
• Develop, obtain approval and implement the Construction Phase Plan for each scheme, ensure the CPP is transmitted to subcontractors (with evidence) to all relevant people including suppliers/sub-contractors and stakeholders.
• Ensure that all plant and equipment deployed on the network complies with current health and safety legislative requirements
• Carry out min two safety inspections and two TRM per month and ensure recommended improvements are implemented
• Reporting all health, safety and environmental incidents and observations involving Costain and supply chain staff to Costain and HE (Area 4 Safety App, Capture) within 24hours of occurrence
• Develop, review/assess, implement and monitor Task Order programmes, including resources, constraints (regulatory, contractual, 3rd parties, environmental etc)
• Review the drawings and specification to identify and detail improvements, errors and omissions and seek to resolve with Jacobs through HE
• Liaise with site supervisors during ECI, pre-construction and on site and ensure all works are in accordance with the specification and contract drawings
• Conduct and record on-going interim physical measurements during works and upon works completion
• Be knowledgeable of and implement the conditions of contract, scope and associated documents relevant to the contract (use NEC4 TSC, CEMAR)
• Manage subcontracts in accordance with Costain Way
• Maintain records and use these to manage and control resources, change and risk and ensure contractual entitlement are secured
• Provide records or data to team members for the purpose of contract, project, financial, safety, quality management and for other relevant disciplines
• Adherence to quality processes including the drafting, approval, implementation of ITPs, MARs, etc
• Communicate with the Senior Project Manager and the Commercial Manager/QS issues non-conformances and contractual correspondence
• With the QS manage change, ensure the Scope is kept contemporary (NCE, CE), risk (EWN) and defects
• Ensure Technical Queries (TQ) are raised formally and timely responded in support of the contractor’s Plan and Task Order programme; coordinate with the designer via HE
• Maintain records of scheme/contract-related discussions with HE / design team, communicate to Jacobs formally via HE (CEMAR)
• Review and approve site documentation
• With the QS cost and HE Output forecasting and support of financial management including accruals etc – month-month variance ≤5%
• Keep abreast of developments throughout the Costain business and the construction industry
• Adherence to Costain policies and procedures
• Embrace Continual Professional Development and ensure training and skill certification is obtained and extended timely
• Uphold the legal, highest moral, ethical and professional standards and represent/embody the COSTAIN values (see CosTeam)
• Any other tasks commensurate with the role