WAD Administrator

This vacancy is now closed

I am looking for a WAD (Work Authorisation Document) to work on a Central London Station upgrade for the Crossrail project.

The position is a purely office based role but it's not a typical administrator position. It requires somebody with technical knowledge of working in and around M&E Plant rooms. You may be given a description of works and you will need to be able to understand it. 

The Role:

  • The administrator will receive the WAD request and review it. If sufficient information is contained with the request, then it will be presented to the WAD coordinator for authorisation.
  • The administrator will send the WAD request to all parties who are required to authorise the works in or around the assets. Any questions raised will be managed by the administrator to the point where agreements are made as to when suitable access times and dates are authorised.
  • The administrator will keep a log of authorised/ rejected/ pending WAD requests and inform requesting contractors of the status.
  • The administrator will keep the permit manager informed of any change of status and keep a record of any authorisations from the electrical appointed person.

If you feel you would be suitable for this position, please don't hesitate to get in touch.